Financial tool from Maastricht more applicable than Excel checklists

EQili, based in Maastricht, offers an online software solution for the professionalization of financial closing processes. Since 2015, EQili has successfully acquired a large number of customers in the Netherlands who were in need of an online solution to professionalize their closing process and do away with their Excel checklists. Due to its success, EQili now wishes to scale up and increase its rate of growth. LIOF is supporting EQili through its Participation Fund and the Limburg Business Development Fund (LBDF) to make this next step possible.

Reliable reports in 2018
Most organizations, whether large or small, still tend to rely on Excel checklists for the reliability of their periodical management reports and annual accounts. People still use the same method today as in the mid 1990s; with an A3 checklist taped to the door of the Financial Administration department to stay somewhat abreast of the progress being made. EQili’s online software solution enables employees with ultimate responsibility for finance to boost and guarantee the quality of their financial position. EQili brings professionalism, transparency, and uniformity to the closing process and can be implemented in a user-friendly manner.

More widely applicable
EQili has built up an impressive customer portfolio in recent years. In addition to its original target group in the healthcare industry, numerous customers in the SME sector have experienced the benefits of EQili, as well as mid-cap companies such as RoyalHaskoningDHV and VION Foodgroup. In collaboration with LIOF and LBDF, Karlo Mans (1970), the founder of EQili, has appointed a growth strategy which aims to make EQili an established name in financial closing software in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. More information about EQili can be found at

Limburg company
For the EQili organization to realize its ambitious growth objectives, it must be strengthened with a team of high-quality professionals who are able to sell the benefits offered by the EQili application to the market. This is made possible in part by the financial support provided by LIOF which will enable EQili to continue growing from a successful start-up to an ambitious scale-up. And this will lead to more jobs. A great boost for the company in Limburg!