Seed Fund

The Seed Fund provides share campital to enable a knowledge-intensive start-up to raise additional (growth) capital or to break even.

Who is the Seed Fund suitable for?


The amount of share capital varies between euro 100,000 and euro 500,000 paid in instalments, possibly in addition to financing provided by other parties (such as banks and investors).


  • Get in touch with us using the contact form.
  • LBDF will contact you to discuss your business plan.
  • LBDF will assess your business against the criteria.
  • Joint analysis of your business plan.
  • Term sheet negotiation with LBDF.
  • Due diligence (technical, financial, legal, and IP).
  • Opinion issued on the investment proposal by our Investment Committee composed of independent external experts.
  • LBDF will take this opinion into consideration when assessing the application.
  • If your application is successful, will we draw up a shareholders’ agreement.